The Reckoning from Crossbreed offers Hellcat owners a remarkably adaptable holster for the capable little pistol.

You might recognize the holster you are seeing here as the same one that is part of the current “Hellcat Giveaway” featured on The Armory Life. I thought it might be a good idea to take a closer look at the holster and see why it was selected to be paired with the giveaway package.

A Hybrid for a Hybrid?

For those not familiar with Crossbreed, this is a company that’s all about combining disparate elements and features into new and innovative designs. It’s right there in the name “Crossbreed,” right? In fact, a Crossbreed holster like the Reckoning is a fitting partner for a pistol like the Hellcat, which in itself is a sort of “best of both worlds” design.

My take on the Hellcat from the beginning has been that, from its impressive accuracy potential to its ability to accept optics to its excellent U-Dot sights, it’s a pistol that combines the shooting characteristics and features of a full-size handgun with ultra-compact dimensions. So why shouldn’t it be paired with an equally adaptable hybrid-style holster?

What’s to It?

The Reckoning holster is made up of a top grain leather backer combined with a Kydex “pocket” that holds the pistol. The result is a holster that offers the comfort of leather against the body and the benefits of modern Kydex around the gun. The leather is offered in black cowhide, premium horsehide or Founder’s Series, the latter of which is 100% vegetable tanned leather. You can also get it in right- and left-hand versions.

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