Cross Draw Holsters?

One of the least understood of holster types is the cross draw. Now, don’t adopt a carry style because it looks cool or because it looks “handy.” For some lifestyles and body types cross draw has many advantages. Don’t adopt this carry style casually, and then be certain to practice often.

With the cross draw you draw the handgun across the body, hence the name. The holster is worn on the non dominant side of the body in front of the hip. The muzzle is angled outward slightly and the grip canted to allow a rapid draw.

Most shooters execute cross draw presentation the wrong way. The wrong way is pretty slow and will get you killed if used in a life or death situation.

If you stand squared to the target reach across the body and then bring the handgun to bear you are slow. The muzzle will sweep more across your body rather than onto the threat’s body.  The proper cross draw presentation begins with the strong side foot to the rear and the weak side (carry side) hip pointed toward the target. The strong side hand moves at the elbow to grasp the gun butt. The handgun comes up out of the holster is raised to eye level and is pushed straight toward the target as the support hand meets the strong side hand. When properly executed and the handgun is brought up instead of across during the draw, the presentation from cross draw carry is fast and sharp.

If you are seated at work, in a restaurant, or while operating a motor vehicle cross draw is among the best type of belt holster. You may be seated and inconspicuously have hands near the pistol at all times. If you have rotator cuff injury and have difficulty reaching behind your back, use of the crossdraw will not stress your shoulder. Defending a gun grab is simple. Drop the elbow over the gun butt and strike with the strong side hand. A pistol in front of you is easy to protect, like appendix carry.

Be certain to choose a well designed cross draw. There are plenty of poorly designed examples. Among the better choices is the DeSantis Roscoe for small frame revolvers. Highly concealable and offering a sharp draw, the Roscoe answers a real need.

For large frame self loaders the DeSantis SkyCop is ideal. The SkyCop offers a sharp draw when seated. A tension screw and excellent molding are part of the design. For cowboy action, DeSantis offers the Doc Holliday cross draw. This is a well stitched holster with a good angle. Since I often carry a single action when hiking this holster gets a lot of use. Carefully consider a cross draw holster. It may be the ideal choice for many situations.