CCW Insurance Is Booming

If You've Been To A CHL Class Lately, You Already Know

Concealed carry insurance is up
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While it might once have been an unexpected addendum to the bathroom break of a carry permit class, the CCW insurance pitch is becoming an expected part of it. There are now over a half dozen companies offering some sort of assured legal assistance in the unlikely event that you wind up forced to lawfully defend yourself. The once rare concept limited to high-pressure sales is now advertised in all facets of gun life, and often comes with a surprising volume of swag.

There are over a half dozen companies offering this sort of legal coverage in most states (NY, NJ, and surprisingly WA are notable outliers) and the once limited field is now rife with competition. If you’re interested in a product like this, you’ve never had a greater spread of CCW insurance options, and each of them generally has some benefit over their competitors.

This means you can choose whichever provider addresses your greatest concern, whether it’s cost, coverage limits, covered weapons, quality (or existence) of their included defensive handgun training assets, lost wages coverage, civil/criminal liability coverage, or whether you can pick your own lawyer.

With recent high-profile lawsuits against people who have used arms to defend themselves, it’s no wonder this sort of product is exploding in popularity, and one has to assume this is generally a positive trend, indicative of an increase in the number of citizens choosing to lawfully arm themselves. It’s worth noting that CCW insurance doesn’t correlate 1:1 with carry permits, or gun ownership.

There are plenty of people without carry permits who want to lawyer up for home defense, and plenty of long time carriers who are just now looking at coverage. That said, we already know from the last two years of headlines that carry permit applications and gun sales in general, especially to first-time owners, is up, so it’s a good thing to hear that more of them than ever are thinking ahead, considering the possible consequences of lawful carry, and hopefully getting some professional training in too.

Lars Smith
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