SA 911, Carry Pistol

When it comes to concealed carry a lot of us are forced to choose a handgun based on where we think we might be able to carry it. The problem with this is that you should not let your firearm dictate how it will be carried, you should dictate how you can most effectively carry your firearm. That is where a pistol like the Springfield Armory 911 comes into the picture. With its firm handling, the stout power of modern hollow-points, and its compact size, you get to decide the best way to carry a firearm based on your preferences and needs. Let’s take a look at four easy ways you can carry the Springfield 911.

Outside-the-Waistband (OWB) Hip Carry

911, owb

With the warmer weather that summer brings, many of us want to get outside and be more adventurous. Whether you are hiking, camping, doing yard work, or running simple errands, the easiest position for most individuals to draw from is their dominant hip. Good shooting mechanics can be practiced from this position and transfer over to many other positions of concealed or open carry. If you wish to remain concealed, a simple light coat or long T-shirt can easily cover this position while still allowing for it to be easy to draw from if the need were to arise.

Ankle Carry

Another spot that you should consider carrying that frequently gets overlooked is the ankle carry. Many firearms are immediately disqualified from this conversation because of their size, but the Springfield 911 can accomplish this position with ease. If you hold an occupation that requires you to be more buttoned-up with tucked in clothing, and you are not confident drawing from underneath a tight garment, this could be an easy solution. With the flush-fit six round magazine in your Springfield 911, those around you will be none the wiser that you are carrying.

Inside-the-Waistband (IWB) Small-of-the-Back Carry

If you are one of those people who dislike it when your pistol is gnawing on the point of your hip or unpleasantly poking you in the groin during appendix carry, then IWB Small-of-the-Back carry could be perfect for you. With the natural curvature of our spine and the crease of our body’s buttocks, most people have more room about their waist to carry small-of-the-back as opposed to other areas along their waistline.

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