CALL TO ACTION: Repealing the NFA


That is an AR15, it is nearly identical to the plethora of other AR15 rifles on the market. But thanks to the National Firearms Act of 1934 it takes approximately 10 months (currently, it varies) to complete this purchase do to the rules governing certain firearms considered “more dangerous” despite not being demonstrably so or the existence of an easily engineered work around that satisfies the law.

Suppressors/Silencers are another. Yes both terms are acceptable and in fact silencer is the legally recognized term

An NFA’s XCR, from XCRforum

This gun muffler (quite literally by design) helps bring gunshots down to hearing safe levels or close depending on caliber and makes firearms use much more neighbor friendly because of the reduced report. Anyone who has used a silencer on a firearm can attest that while they get “silent” by comparison they do not match Hollywood’s portrayal. Nor should the theoretical threat of “assassins” and suddenly silent criminal elements be realistic opposition. If one wanted an illegal silencer for an equally illegal first degree homicide the current penalties are not going to stop the crime or even hinder the intending offender or make the illegal silencer remotely difficult to acquire, it only hinders legal owners.

The history of the NFA is something I intend to outline this year in a longer informative post, but the act is today technologically irrelevant and isn’t being used to capture organized crime any longer. It’s time for it to go.

Sign the petition, it takes 30 seconds,  then share it and have your friends sign it. I know their are tens of thousands of NFA item owners and many more who are stopped only by the arduous wait times and additional $200.00 you must pay

Meanwhile a useless item like petitioning to see President Trump’s taxes has 430,000…

If you own an NFA item or want to own an NFA item your signature should be on this. If you support the Second Amendment as written you should have your signature on this. If you support civil rights, particularly the rights to defend your and others lives your signature should be proudly on this.

Seriously readers, sign it. This is potentially the most Pro 2A administration in living memory and we need to capitalize on it! You’re reading this on a web browser so poke the link with your finger or mouse and lets get this thing rolling.

There are literally 3 lines

First Name:

Last Name:


You’ll have to open your email and confirm you signed… that’s it… that is all that is required.

We should not have to wait nearly a year to buy a stocked MP5 9mm while we can leave with a Barrett M107 .50cal in 20 minutes with an equally clean record of conduct. A non-prohibited record should give access to any firearm the person wants to purchase.

Repeal the NFA. This has been your Monday CTA.

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