BullShooter’s Reviews: Taurus GX4

Taurus’ new handgun enters the fray of companies that are producing a micro-compact, doublestack handgun for concealed carry. Sig started the craze with its P365, an 18-ounce gat that holds double digit rounds. It dominated the market early, but now the other guys (Smith, Springfield, Ruger, etc.) are getting tired of getting their butts handed to them. The latest is Taurus’ new GX4. Normally I’d sigh and mumble, “Well, it sure looks cool, but it’s a Taurus so it’ll be a little rough around the edges but decent for the money,” and that’s exactly what I said this time. But because my job is to test firearms, I tried the GX4 and I’ve gotta say, all BS aside, that this IS Taurus’ best handgun the Brazilian firm has ever made. Finally, it listened when people demanded a better trigger! More than likely the new quality feel is a result of a more polished fit and finish due to moving its production line from Brazil to Georgia.

As such, the GX4 is a micro-compact doublestack, striker-fired 9mm EDC gun that weighs 18.4 ounces and holds 13 rounds. It’s got all the features you need (with the possible exception of a slide cutout for an optic) and none you don’t. Most importantly, it’s supremely reliable, accurate, and fits in the hand beautifully thanks to a great grip angle that’s conducive to recoil mitigation. Oh yea, and it costs $150 to $200 less than the upper-end Micro Compact DoubleStacks like the Sig, Hellcat and S&W Plus. Seriously, try this one before you decide on a specialized carry gun. The Brazilian Bull has finally delivered. https://www.taurususa.com/pistols/taurus-gx4

At an early age Jeff was kicked in the face by an exposed hammer shotgun, stunting his growth but also sparking a passion for guns, hunting and the outdoors. Since the crack of that old gun, he's traveled the world, hunting, shooting and writing for national outdoor magazines. His Youtube page adds a bit of practicality to tacticality, dispels hunting and shooting myths, gives fairly honest reviews of guns and gear because he's not beholden to anyone, and offers real-world based tips--that might well be wrong. Rest assured, Jeff is no Navy SEAL, although he stayed at a Holiday Inn once in San Diego.