Bullpup Shoot 2015

I think as firearms media we become a bit jaded to things that most people would be awestruck by. One of those things is full auto guns. We get to shoot them so often that sometimes we get a bit blasé. That was easily fixed when we attended the Bullpup Shoot in Mt. Carrol, IL, which is put on by Manticore Arms.

The Bullpup Shoot is an event that is open to the public and free to enter that allows a consumer to check out great companies in the vendor tents, shoot full auto and others (for a nominal fee) and even shoot their own guns in a bay set just for them. There were even some really cool product launches there, such as The Transformer Rail.

The location is a standout. Set at The Site Training it has found a perfect location to continue the event’s growth.

The brainchild of Sven Jonnsen of Manticore Arms, it allows the industry to showcase firearms in general but also the bullpup rifles that are out there. One of the things that struck me is that it is incredibly cheap to shoot guns you might otherwise never get the chance to shoot. The event is underwritten by Manticore Arms which keeps the costs very low for firearms enthusiasts.

I highly recommend you check it out, read about next year’s event at the Bullpup Shoot website.

Here is a list of signed up vendors for the 2015 event.

  • Manticore Arms 
  • Ratworx
  • DEZ Tactical Arms
  • IWI US
  • Steyr Arms
  • K&M Arms
  • DS Arms
  • Gearhead Works
  • Circle 10 AK
  • 2020 Precision
  • Chi-Town Tactical
  • Krebs Custom
  • Precision Ear, LLC
  • Black Rhino Concealment
  • St. George Arms
  • Zulu Nylon Gear
  • Zombie Combat Dive Team
  • Homeland Guns
  • Corvus Defensio

And a list of what people could shoot. (There was even more than this there!)

  • Full auto Tavor 5.56mm
  • Full Auto Tavor X95 (Micro Tavor) 5.56mm
  • ZRX intergrated suppressor Tavor 9mm
  • DEZ Tactical Arms 308 precision AR
  • Full auto Steyr AUG 9mm
  • Suppressed Seyr AUG 5.56mm
  • Full auto FN FAL
  • Full auto P90 5.7mm PDW
  • Full Auto Thompson SMG 45 ACP
  • Full auto M4 carbine
  • Full auto AK-47
  • Bullpup Unlimted 12 gauge shotgun

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