BREAKING: Wayne LaPierre resigns from the NRA at the end of the month.

Wayne LaPierre is stepping down from the NRA as of Jan 31st. Image via Fox News and NRA

Wayne LaPierre, long time leader of the National Rifle Association is stepping away from his post effective at the end of the month. The 74 year old is citing health as the primary reason for his departure.

LaPierre has not had an uneventful stint, not only has he presided over a series of dramatic legal shifts within the firearm space but he came under dramatic personal scrutiny for practices within the NRA.

“With pride in all that we have accomplished, I am announcing my resignation from the NRA,” LaPierre said in the NRA’s press release, which was exclusively obtained by Fox News Digital. “I’ve been a card-carrying member of this organization for most of my adult life, and I will never stop supporting the NRA and its fight to defend Second Amendment freedom. My passion for our cause burns as deeply as ever.” – Fox

Andrew Arulanandam, the NRA’s executive and head of general operations, will serve as interim CEO and executive vice president of the NRA starting in February.

With the NRA’s popularity as the best organization for firearms rights diminished and other organizations having done tremendous legwork in their own rights in recent years it will be interesting to see where the NRA will make new and renewed efforts to be an organization for gun owners that are increasingly Millennials and up and coming Gen Z members.

Keith Finch
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