BREAKING: UPS Shutting Down the Accounts of 80%/PMF Suppliers and Destroying Their Property

via FreightWaves

Multiple sources have now confirmed that UPS is shutting down their shipping accounts, retailers who deal in products like the Polymer80 frame. The complaint is, allegedly, that these retailers are shipping 80% type PMF products to states that ban 80% PMF products. No confirmation has been given by UPS that they have packages with prohibited materials going to ban states, only that they believe it to be so, but one source GAT Daily has spoken with confirmed they filter out states where 80% type product SKUs are illegal.

In the letter, dated June 20th, the United Parcel Service (UPS) has shut down the shipping account of the retailer for selling ‘Ghost Guns‘. A second retailer, today, confirmed that their account was also terminated for the same reason.

If UPS is intercepting packages of legal products from these retailers and destroying them thinking they are ghost guns that is a massive breach of trust on the part of UPS with their retail customers.

Readers may remember that President Biden fixed the ‘Ghost Gun’ problem with the ATF by putting together the ‘readily assembled’ language. Retailers in the industry wishing to maintain their businesses made the necessary changes to the products to again place them in compliance with the regulations regarding Privately Made Firearms, now known as PMFs under ATF 2021R-05F.

Under 2021R-05F, PMFs still do not require serialization. Under the new rules, the defining factors make very specific mention of the inclusion of finishing tools, jigs, and included instruction, which combined can make an 80% frame readily completable, and thus a ghost gun, or just a normal firearm part if purchased stand alone.

UPS, a private company with no regulatory authority, has stated it has taken it upon themselves to “seize and destroy” private property. These retail companies worked directly with the ATF in order to establish clear criteria to continue to support PMF builders within full compliance of the new rules. UPS, apparently on their own initiative, and not with any cited request or noted directive from the ATF or a prohibiting state, shut down service and has declared they may destroy packages in their possession from the retailers.

Attempts to resolve this with UPS have been met with reported confusion on the part of local management and no response from the compliance department itself, according to the retailers.

Brownells has also now been caught up in this according to official social media posts on their Facebook and Twitter.

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