BREAKING: Nighthawk Custom and Agency Arms Limited Edition 1911

To launch our lead up coverage of the NRA Annual Meeting Nighthawk Custom and Agency Arms are teasing their new collaboration 1911.

50 of them will be unveiled in full on the 28th at the NRAAM.

Nighthawk and Agency Arms are leading developers in Premium Tier custom firearms and on the 28th we will bring the full details of this 1911 incarnation to light.

Nighthawk Agency Arms Announcement Press Release

Press Release:

Berryville, AR – April 21, 2017 – Nighthawk Custom and Agency Arms announce the first pistol in a limited edition of collaboration pieces.

Nighthawk Custom is the premier manufacturer of hand built custom 1911 pistols built on the one gun one gunsmith philosophy. In collaboration with Agency Arms, the two companies have created a revolutionary model of the 1911 that pushes boundaries to new levels. The new pistol will be unveiled at the NRAAM.

The new pistol, which will be seen for the first time on April 28th during the NRA Annual Meeting in Georgia, will be a limited run of 50 pistols unlike anything either company has done in the past. By combining Agency Arms’ incredible slide work, and Nighthawk Custom’s hand fit tight tolerances, the result has exceeded the expectations of both companies.

Mark Stone CEO of Nighthawk had this to say “Working with Agency Arms to create a revolutionary take on the 1911 has been an absolute pleasure. It has been exciting, fun, and rewarding to work with Mike Parks and his team to design and develop something that has never been seen before in the 1911 market. One of the strategic objectives of Nighthawk is to continually push the envelope of pistol design and reach out to a younger demographic that is less familiar with our pistols. Incorporating a truly modern design and reaching the market that Agency Arms connects with was an easy decision and one that we believe will be beneficial to both companies well into the future.”

Michael Parks, Managing Partner of Agency Arms added: “The 1911 is one of the most iconic firearms in history. Nighthawk Custom has a long pedigree of building some of the finest custom 1911s in the world. We are humbled by the opportunity to work with such a staple in the custom 1911 community. Our greatest challenge was incorporating our Agency styling cues with the traditional 1911 lines. The culmination of countless hours of hard work has yielded 50 masterpiece firearms.”

The new limited edition collaboration will be on display in booth 4121 at the NRAAM with representatives from Nighthawk Custom and Agency Arms on hand to discuss pricing and availability. Only 50 guns will be made with this design; with 25 going to dealers, and 25 direct to consumers via lottery. Dealers can contact their representative at either Agency Arms or Nighthawk Custom. Individual customers can contact Nighthawk Sales Representatives at 870-423-4867.

Keith Finch
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