BREAKING: Capitol Building Breached by Protesters. Shots Fired, One Woman Dead.

Image via Atlas News IG

UPDATE II: Video has emerged of a woman being shot in the neck or chest as protesters were banging on the doors of a Capitol Building room, reported to be the chamber and reported to have been by Capitol Police or related Capitol Security Forces. Medical aid has been rendered to the woman and she has been evacuated by EMS. She later died at the hospital.

Image via Atlas New IG.

A few sources have reported that the protest in Washington DC has resulted in shots fired. This is unknown whether it was Capitol Police or another source or if it was a mistaken report.

It is confirmed that protesters have entered all the way to congressional chambers.

Those protesting in support of President Donald Trump forced their way into the Capitol Building in a parallel to events we observed throughout 2020.

Via Atlas News IG Screenshot

The Congressional Chambers have been evacuated and ratification process of the electoral votes has been interrupted as protesters have gotten into multiple floors of the Capitol Building. As of now there has been no official declaration of a riot however DC’s Mayor has instituted a 6:00 pm curfew.

A suspicious item, some calling it an IED or Pipe Bomb, was detonated by bomb squad officers during the day also near the Capitol.

The Capitol Building has been cleared as of now.

Updates as we get them.

Personal Observation: The sheer lack of self-awareness out of many reports saying how “unprecedented” or “unexpected” this event is is just… disappointing. How quickly did we forget the “mostly peaceful” protests of the summer?

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