BREAKING: California Assault Weapon Ban Ruled Unconstitutional, State Has 10 Days to Appeal

Firearm Policy Coalition is posting that the US District Court has found the the California AWB to be unconstitutional and will be vacated. The state of California has 10 days to file their expected appeal, but the foundation is falling. Magazines and regular firearms are likely soon to be back on the available list for every law abiding person nationwide.

From FPC IG,


The District Court in our Miller v. Bonta “Assault Weapon” Ban Lawsuit has STRUCK DOWN the ban, deeming it UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

However, there will be no freedom week, YET, as the judge has put his order on hold to give California 10 days to appeal.

Stay tuned as we process the full opinion.

We look forward to the incoming tears of unfathomable sadness from Gavin Newsom and the anti-rights narcissists nationwide.

You can find the opinion at

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