Brandon Reads the Dumbest Thing on the Internet… H.R. 127

Normally when we join Brandon Herrera, it is for memes, entertainment, and other tomfoolery. Today however I finally read HR 127… and if you too would like to immediately develop a splitting headache caused by mind numbing amounts of government overreach with a thin veil of, ‘if you don’t support this you are a racist who likes child murder’ then go ahead and click.

I first saw HR 127 on a few of the more dramatic locales on the internet, so while I assumed it was bad I assumed also it was typibad, like most average garbage tier gun control schemes thrown in to appease that voter base.

Nope, this one is incredibad. Reaching new levels of stupid and epic overreach that likely has every employee of the ATF going, “You want us to do what!?” as the administrative burden alone would crush the agency’s taxed and mismanaged resources.

This monstrosity has it all

  • Universal Registration
    • Every single make, model, and serial number and the owners information
    • That information is publicly available, by the way. You can look up gun owners
    • Info on anyone you let borrow the gun
  • Licenses
    • Of course licenses, have to have your 6 pointed star to be a gun owner. That isn’t infringement, right?
    • License for a gun
      • After passing the background check, 3 day training approved by the AG, and mental health screen by a AG approved mental health expert.
    • License to display a gun, “Antique Firearm Display”
      • After you prove you have a license, prove you own an antique firearm, prove you will display it in a manner the AG approves and certifies it will be displayed that way, and demonstrates AG approved “safe storage” requirements.
      • All that nonsense so that you can mount an antique muzzle loader artistically in your home.
    • License for “Military-Style” weapons
      • An additional 3 day training course for these approved by the AG, that’s a whole week of mandatory government training to own a gun through an AG approved course list.
  • Pysch Evals
    • The AG controls all of who can screen and what standards there are for screening, none listed.
    • They can screen your family members and household members too, gun owning now invades others privacy.
    • They will talk to your spouse, former spouse, and two other family members or associates.
      • I’m sure former spouses would never lie on this questionnaire or interview and would absolutely take valuable time out of their lives, that are now purposely distant from this individual applicant, to complete a mental health evaluation of their former spouse.
    • Gives a blanket list of reasons to deny licensure that anyone wanting to keep their medical license would likely never certify anyone. Because what if you get it wrong and someone you certified commits suicide or a murder? Do you lose your practice? Your AG certified status? Where are you blocking the time to conduct 4+ interviews for every would be gun owner in-between your real regular patients?
  • Annual renewals for 5 years!
    • An additional day of training! AG certified of course.
    • Every year for the first five years that you own a gun. Then, because they are generous, they will only make you renew every three years. I’m sure there will be no logistical delays whatsoever in the issuance of these making owning a gun defacto illegal/impossible while the AG and the ATF sort their houses out.
  • AG Issued Gun Insurance!
    • $800/yr
    • Because fuck the poor!
  • Violations are 15 to 25 year felonies with a $75,000-$150,000 fine
    • Fuck the poor round 2!

Seriously, this is a giant kick in the junk that makes firearm ownership a privilege of the well-to-do only. Imagine wanting to own an AR-15, an $800-$1,200 reasonable purchase, America’s Rifle.

You now need two separate 3-day courses (24 training hours, at your expense) in order to get licensed (with a fee each I assume) twice in order to pick up that rifle. Then you have to pay your insurance($800), for your psych evaluation (we all know doctors are free, right?), all to be granted the elite permission to exercise your constitutionally protected right and buy the gun.

It turns the rightful purchase of an effective tool in to a multi-thousand dollar series of flaming hoops that you have to renew every year (at cost). This might cost a full quarter of somebody’s annual income for one firearm, and that is before buying it.

And the ATF has to keep these records up to date for 100,000,000 (or more) people, update them in a timely manner, and make sure they are error free… because an error could cost someone who did nothing wrong, 15-25 years of their life.

Oh and just for fun at the end they ban .50 caliber ammunition (not BMG, the whole diameter) and “large capacity ammunition feeding devices”… unless you’re the government of course, because they are here to help. .50 cal ammo becomes a 10-20 year felony and magazines become 1-5 year felonies…

If the Judiciary Committee doesn’t just take a steaming dump on this thing before mailing it back to Jackson Lee’s office with a small incendiary so its a full ding-dong ditch.. oof.

I thought the last AWB proposal was pinnacle stupid, we have found a new pinnacle.

Keith Finch
Keith is the Editor-in-Chief of GAT Marketing Agency, Inc. A USMC Infantry Veteran and Small Arms and Artillery Technician, Keith covers the evolving training and technology from across the shooting industry. A Certified Instructor since 2009, he has taught concealed weapons courses in the West Michigan area in the years since and continues to pursue training and teaching opportunities as they arise.