Blaser R8

In this new segment, JJ tells why certain guns, gear and optics are the best available regardless of price. And as you can imagine, normally this, uh, shiiiiituff, ain’t cheap!

In this video JJ tells whey he thinks the Blaser R8 Professional Success rifle is the best in terms of it’s amazing engineering and one-rifle-for-everything capability.

Delivered in a leather-bound attache’ case, the Blaser comes in five parts–the stock, bolt, trigger group/magazine, barrel and scope–and can be assembled in under a minute with one tool. Multiple barrels in a wide variety of calibers can be purchased, making this gun perfect for safaris and those dangerous men who prefer one rifle and one rifle only.

The scope alone is one of the best the world has ever seen. Manufactured at the old Zeiss plant in Germany, it’s a 2.5x-20x-50mm unit of clarity and optical perfection that attaches to the rifle without tools in less than 10 seconds yet maintains its zero.

Then, when the gun is cocked (via the safety that pushed forward to fire), it completes an electrical circuit that turns on the illuminated reticle, thereby only illuminating the reticle when the rifle is intended to be fired. It’s amazing. The Blaser R8s signature feature is its straight pull bolt that’s much quicker than a typical bolt action. It’s fast, safe and accurate. Indeed, JJ’s test R8 recorded sub-MOA groups with various ammo.

Of course, all of this wonderful technology isn’t cheap. The R8 Professional is anywhere from 6K to $15,000, depending on options, so if you are the type of person who gets angry if you can afford something, then this review isn’t for you. But if you like to see the best/most impressive guns and gear money can buy, then this is your cup of tea. Enjoy!

At an early age Jeff was kicked in the face by an exposed hammer shotgun, stunting his growth but also sparking a passion for guns, hunting and the outdoors. Since the crack of that old gun, he's traveled the world, hunting, shooting and writing for national outdoor magazines. His Youtube page adds a bit of practicality to tacticality, dispels hunting and shooting myths, gives fairly honest reviews of guns and gear because he's not beholden to anyone, and offers real-world based tips--that might well be wrong. Rest assured, Jeff is no Navy SEAL, although he stayed at a Holiday Inn once in San Diego.