Black Friday Deals

It’s that time again. Spend money now to save money later. Deals on wheels, reels, teals, steels, and other stuff too. Black Friday Deals are upon us.

But, as you would expect, ours deals deal with the pew pew and pew pew accessories.


Black Friday over at Aero Precision is ready to unleash your build. Handguards, receivers, scope mounts, you name it. Get your build on.

VG6 has 25% off.

Alongside that rifle build you can finish up a Poly80 from Rocky Brass. Full kits. Get yourself a ‘ghost gun’! It’s just like a regular gun except spookier!

Actually its mostly just like a regular gun.

DeSantis has their entire site on discount.

Use GAT10 code at checkout for these two. You’ll like what that does to the total, I promise. If you’re buying a B-series today, that’s a good decision to make.

New Product Time!

Laser Range brings you your own fully stocked indoor range lane with numerous targets, preloaded training drills, and unlimited ammo. Comes with a SIRT or will work with red laser or IR laser trainer type guns. Black Friday deal on the new systems.

Dark Star Holsters! Ordered an Orion for my M9
Keith Finch
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