Beto Memes! Because it’s Friday and we’re having fun.

Robert Francis O’Rourke, self styled ‘Beto’, has lit up on the internet since his fiery commentary on confiscation of AR-15’s and AK47’s. Joe Biden, the front runner, looked at the 1% averaging Beto like he was a mad man. Joe Biden, who hearts himself some gun control goodness too, thought that was crazy. Watch the video, Brandon has the roundup.

Now whether you believe that this was Beto giving away the Democratic Party’s secret sauce is up to you. I believe he will be used, willingly or not, to provide smoke and cover for the actual Democrat contender in order for that contender to look far more reasonable and moderate on the issue.

From Reddit AMA

Above is a screenshot from Beto’s AMA session where he discussed a number of topics related to his presidential nominee run. His social and educational plans, economic plans… and his thoughts on passing a law to get back those pesky AR-15 rifles…

Confiscation Plan

His method of enforcement is… nothing, no method of enforcement. Beto’s plan is that once the law is passed everyone will just agree with him that there is no reason to own an AR-15 or AK47. “Americans will comply with the law”, just like that.

If only we would pass laws against homicides and drunk driving too we’d really save lives then, and Americans would comply with the law.

What of the masses who said they wouldn’t? The question was how will you confiscate them, Mr. O’Rourke. What enforcement arm are you going to send against American citizens who have committed no offense? Those who are criminals by legislative pen stroke only and no action against anyone?

Beto’s answer suggests either an extreme level of naive thought. An unwillingness to see the reality that not everyone thinks like him and that they don’t have to. Complete obliviousness to the mandatory violence his decree will require.


O’Rourke is not this blind and is unwilling to speak of the realities out loud because they are ugly. Because he has no ground to actually stand on and no reliable method of enforcement.

From everything I see from O’Rourke, my thoughts lead more toward naive idealog but with more reality grasped than he is willing to publicly portray. He’s not winning the nomination so what is his endgame? What is O’Rourke playing for?

Keith Finch
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