Beretta’s ‘Countdown to Christmas Sale!’ is actually rather solid.

92X Centurion and a Dark Star Gear to carry it. Superb.

Oh no, a sales post!

Yes, a sales post. One I clicked on because after grabbing a threaded barrel and a spare magazine the whole cart drops by 25%… in 2020. 25% off in 2020 on gun stuff. That’s insane! And appreciated! I wanted a threaded barrel. Mayhaps you find a couple things you “need” too. *cough* magazines *cough cough*

Hint: Don’t skip the apparel section either.

Shop During Their Countdown to Christmas! Spend $200 and Get 25% Off Sitewide with Code: GIVE25 from 12/9 to 12/15 at Midnight EST! 12/15 is the Last Day to Order for Ground Shipping
Click! Order! Ea.. ur Save!

But, without a doubt, you can fill out your APX’s ancillaries. Kit out a little extra on your Sako. Grab a .22 Conversion for your 92. Or be ready to add a compensator or suppressor to your existing gun with savings on a threaded barrel and a couple extra magazines.

Spending $200 is easier than we give it credit for… I checked my last Brownell’s and BigTex carts, tis easy.

I ordered, I’m not sure if I’ll do comp or can yet, but I’ll do something. The 92X is far too pleasant to shoot just stop modding at just the trigger. For those that are asking and will continue to ask about the holster, Dark Star. Trigger mod is the Extreme-S (which on its own will be eligible for the sale).

Shotgun stuff too?

Of course shotgun stuff too. I just haven’t gotten around to grabbing my 1301 yet, Travis is the shoulder claymore guy. But the standard array of Beretta brand goodies are available.

Keith Finch
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