Battle Rifle Battle Royale

If you don’t follow InRange TV, start. If you have the time, it’s worth the information gained.

In this particular episode InRange and P&S have gone to the range with a variety of shooters to grab raw data on using various 7.62 NATO Battle Rifles and collect the thoughts on each as they measure certain tasks on the clock. For those not wanting to sit through all 5 videos the data is collected in this one.

And further if you don’t want to sit through this video, well that’s sad but… the XCR-M won.

Robinson Armament XCR-M won the InRange trials for 7.62 NATO 308 Battle Rifles
Well done Robinson Armamnet. Image via Robinson Armament Gallery

Over the various shooters and platforms a clear delineation emerged where modern designs that took ergonomics in mind in their development drastically out performed older platforms. Rifles like the M1A/M14 and G3 suffered from their design layouts. Rifles like the AR-10, SCAR, and XCR-M excelled in many of the tests because of their ergonomics and live fire operating characteristics.

It’s a very interesting data set for anyone considering .308’s as a rifle for a serious purpose. Whether that’s a patrol rifle for duty or an end of the world SHTF zombie buster big igloo riot special. Everyone has their criteria, everyone who is looking at a tool for a job has a requirement list. Thanks to InRange, there’s more data to make a decision.

You can agree or disagree with their observations. You might believe your G3 or clone is exactly the rifle you need. You might laugh at me because my favorite rifle, the SCAR, gave a mediocre showing in tests. That’s fine, these aren’t the only tests on every rifle in this data set. But the value is in exploring the dataset and the ‘why’ of where the rifles placed.

Keith Finch
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