“Back in my day we shot irons to…”

Another 9-Hole Iron Sights video with the addition of Brit, Bloke on the Range.

Iron sights is a suppressed and niche discipline these days and I feel like we need to spend efforts keeping it alive. Not tremendous efforts mind you, but the knowledge of iron sights shouldn’t go quietly into the sunset. Just as GPS makes land navigation simple but you should still know how to read a terrain map, iron sights are an unobtrusive thing to keep on rifles.

Even the basic fixed zero type irons at 50 allow for some simple redundancy. Knowing how to get them onto target and remain mostly effective in case you are in a situation where your optics fail and you have no easy means of getting the optic back up is of value.

I’m not even talking about riotous or semi-apocalyptical emergencies, in those you have what you have and may the odds be ever on your favor. I’m talking you made it to the range and your scope gave up the ghost because sometimes that happens. You can either give up the range time or put the irons into use with a couple minutes work and do what you went there to do.

Let’s keep irons classy.


No, irons aren’t better than optics. In no way shape or form. You might like them more, and that is fine. But optics are superior in every measurable metric for performance, so yeah.

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