Athena Knife Company – The Green Chopper

Like choosing a tool for a specific job, you must choose a knife designed for the job at hand. To often we try to pick a knife with a multitude of features verses a knife that can get the job done easily and quickly.  This is where choosing the correct type of knife for the job and selecting the right manufacture come into play.  For today’s review, we are looking at my EDC Blade, The Green Chopper from Athena Knife Company.

Josh Curry founder of The Athena Knife Company has a love for creating works of art out of steel and the end results are some very unique custom knives. Mr. Curry pours his blood, sweat and tears into each knife he works on.  If the knife does not meet his high standards, the process starts all over.

Trampas Swanson and I met Josh at Survival Creek Tactical while we were getting some kydex sheathes and holsters designed. I mentioned I wish someone would make a rugged bush craft knife, but in an EDC style.  A bushcraft knife that was a little smaller than your standard 9 to 10 inch versions.  That took us down the road of creating The Green Chopper.


The Green Chopper has an overall length of 7 7/8”, the blade is 3.75” and the spine is 3/16” thick. The grind appears to be a modified scandi and came to me sharp enough to shave with if that’s the kind of thing you do, I am bearded, real men don’t shave. The micarta scales are an OD green and have a rustic pattern cut in them. The knife is a full tang 1080 steel design. The blade has a ferric chloride finish which gives it a look of elephant skin. The handle has a hole for a lanyard, which on this knife due to its length gives you a little more grip when chopping. I have to say this knife turns heads, the style has fit my lifestyle well, rough, rugged non-flashy.

This knife was designed to be a in the style of a bushcraft knife, but something I could EDC daily. I tested it and was pleased with the performance.  I take a knife to do what I need a knife to do. If I find myself in the wilderness surviving and only had one tool it would be a large knife. When I go to the wilderness I take several tools to use the appropriate tool for the job at hand. In this case this knife has been perfect. I love the size combined with the kydex Dangler sheath that Survivor Creek custom made.

When getting in and out of the kayak or the truck I never once was stabbed in the ribs by the handle. I have been able to easily draw the knife no matter the predicament I may have found myself in. When wearing the knife and this sheath combination they both compliment each other and give a professional look while not appearing to be a Rambo walking into town.



The overall performance of the knife has been exceptional so far. The thickness of the blade has given it enough weight to do the small chopping tasks and being made from 3/16, it splits wood well.  I normally use an axe for processing firewood but had to try with this blade because of its design.

I was able to make stakes and do other bushcraft task like feather sticks as well. The steel retained the blade sharpness well and was easy to hone back after each task. The spine scraped well and worked good on the ferrocerium rod.

The grip felt like it was made to fit my hand. Overall this blade is a wonderful creation from Athena Knife Co. I feel Mr. Curry did a great job building a one of a kind custom knife I can be proud to carry.

Not only does it look good, but it works just as well. Check out more of his work on Facebook and find out how to get your own one of a kind custom knife from Athena Knife Co.


Eric TGL
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