APEX Ammunition Congratulates Brad Fenson on World Turkey Slam

Columbus, Miss. (April 23, 2024) – APEX Ammunition is excited to congratulate outdoor writer Brad Fenson on his World Turkey Slam. Fenson completed the slam on April 20, 2024, in the Sonora region of Mexico when he dropped a Gould’s turkey with one shot using APEX
Ammunition’s 12-gauge Mossy Oak Greenleaf Turkey TSS load, featuring a combination of #9 and #10 shot.

World Turkey Slam

Fenson was hunting with Ted Jaycox of Tall Tine Outfitters and said they set up a breeder hen with a gobbler decoy and an extra hen decoy. They called sporadically that afternoon, and after three hours, the bird snuck in behind them and gobbled when it saw the decoys. It was within 50 yards and strutted right in. One shot from the Mossberg 940 Turkey Pro, and it was over. No flop, with the dense pattern focused on the head and neck.

“The APEX Mossy Oak Greenleaf Turkey TSS is a game changer,” said Fenson. “Little things can make a difference, but these specialized turkey loads make a significant difference in accuracy, range, pellet density and lethality.”

“All of us at APEX are celebrating Brad’s achievement,” said Jason Lonsberry, President and CEO, APEX Ammunition. “He is an accomplished hunter and all-around great guy, and we couldn’t be happier for him. We just wish we could join him for dinner when he cooks this bird. He’s quite a chef!”

In addition to achieving his World Turkey Slam, Fenson also completed his Mexican Turkey Slam with this Gould’s.

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About APEX Ammunition

What started in 2017 with a few handmade shells for a hunting trip with buddies has become an obsession to provide wingshooters with the absolute best-performing ammunition possible. Founded by U.S. Veterans and hunting enthusiasts in the great state of Mississippi, APEX Ammunition pioneered the commercial application of ultra-high-density Tungsten Super Shot to create the hardest-hitting, most accurate shot loads in the business. The driving principle behind the company’s continued quest for innovation and better performance is its commitment to delivering a hunting experience like no other.

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