An Unexpected Upset: Taurus .22 Handgun Sort Of Outperforms Sig P322

The Market For .22 Competition Handguns Is... Bullish?

Photo Credit: ABC News

While off-the-rack .22 semi-auto handguns aren’t famous for reliability in general, a lot of people have been reporting issues with the new Sig P322. Some people seem to have no trouble, while others have found it to be a Smucker’s-level jam factory. This is unfortunately a thing many people tend to expect from this class of gun, but when Chris Baker over at lucky gunner posted his unfavorable personal experience with one example P322, his commenters had a suggestion for him.

“Try the Taurus TX22 Competition, it’s just as good… er!” -commenters, probably

Regardless of what they actually said, Chris heard their suggestions and took them up on it, despite his own negative impression of Taurus guns. Shocking the gun cognoscenti across the world, it ran like a top. Or rather, it ran like a top exclusively with CCI MiniMags and choked on everything else.

Neither of these offerings performed well, unless you account heavily for the general unreliability of the genre and even then, the Taurus made the Sig look like a paperweight, which is a feat all its own. Many semi-auto .22s have a “favorite” ammo, but being limited exclusively to a high end brand with equally high pricing sort of defeats the point of the $100 discount buying the Taurus over the Sig gets you, but if you send a Sig back to get worked on or replaced, it can be assumed you’re more likely to have a successful experience.

Lars Smith
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