Alpacka Raft Launches the Caribou, the Lightest Full-Size Packraft Available

Alpacka Raft Launches the Caribou, the Lightest Full-Size Packraft Available

The new ultralight bikeraft and wilderness adventure boat features Alpacka’s innovative and exclusive Late Rise Design.

MANCOS, Colo. (March 5, 2018) – Alpacka Raft, the industry leader in research and development of modern packrafting, today announced the launch of its new Caribou packraft, a front-end loading and ultralight packraft that offers a modern take on an original classic.


The Caribou is the lightest and most packable full-size packraft on the market. A new and innovative bow design at the front of the boat means the boat is built to carry bikes, full-sized packs, big game, and other heavy loads, while keeping the boat balanced on and off water. The Caribou weighs in at only four pounds and 12 ounces.



“By bringing the Caribou to market, we wanted to provide a better boat for specific uses,” said Thor Tingey, Apacka Raft CEO. “The Caribou, coupled with our new Late Rise Bow, is the ideal packraft for ultralight solo hunting, backpacking, and bikerafting. We’re excited to see what adventures our customers choose to take the Caribou on in the coming months and years.”


Additional features of the Caribou include:

  •  Handmade in Mancos, Colorado
  •  Single valve that provides high pressure one-way inflation and easy deflation with a quick twist of the valve core
  • Full-size standard seat
  • 210d High Count Nylon lightweight polyurethane coated tubes
  • 840d Nylon Floor
  • Handle on bow for easy dragging and portaging with gear on the bow
  • 4 bow strap plates oriented for optimal bike attachment, 2 stern grab loops, and a floor loop to attach the seat
  • Optional Cargo Fly (for internal storage in the tubes of the boat)
  • Optional custom Titan-Straps bike strap kit
  • Includes: inflation bag, seat stuff sack, and repair kit


The Caribou packraft is available for purchase at select international retailers and on the Alpacka Raft website. Available in Persimmon and Mallard Green colors, the Caribou retails for $795 without the Cargo Fly and $945 with.


About Alpacka Raft


Alpacka Raft started in the fall of 2000 as a collaboration between Sheri Tingey, the designer behind the products, and her son Thor, who had just completed a 600-mile packrafting traverse of Alaska’s Brooks Range and had some ideas for how to make a better performing packraft.


Alpacka Raft seeks to design and hand craft the most innovative, premium packrafts available. They strive for a legacy of leadership, stewardship, and support that allows their community of diverse boaters a lifetime of use and adventure-driven fun. Every Alpacka Raft, from cutting the fabric to putting the final touches on a spray deck, is made by hand and shipped to customers from the Alpacka factory in Mancos, Colorado, under the Made in USA standard. Alpacka Raft is one of the largest employers in town.


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