ALERT: Tommy Built T36 – ATF Mandatory Upgrade

Tom Bostic is a hero,

At least for those of us who enjoy some cool aspects of fabrication, nerd culture, and unobtainable H&K G36’s and XM8’s. Tom made it happen and TommyBuilt Tactical produced an American Made G36 clone, and receivers to build out your own if you could get German parts.

Tom Bostic made that happen, but no good deed goes unpunished…

Dear TommyBuilt Tactical T36 Owner:

Greetings.  We hope that you are enjoying your TommyBuilt Tactical T36, and want to thank you for your patronage.

With that said, we have received unfortunate news that the receiver of the T36 will now be classified by ATF as a machinegun receiver.  ATF has recently determined that the blocks and restrictions manufactured into our semi-automatic receiver (which are a replica of the SL8 prevention method) are not sufficient and now require an auto sear block on this platform. We disagree with this position but do not make the regulatory decisions. 

To this end, we at TommyBuilt Tactical are eager to work with our T36 owners and with the ATF to comply with the newly mandated requirements for this platform. Our counsel and team have met with our regulator to make attempts to resolve this issue.  TommyBuilt Tactical has made and had approved by the ATF an upgraded semi-automatic receiver including more restrictive blocks, the newly required auto sear block and other various upgrades. 

So we are clear, there is no current intent by ATF to criminally charge any TommyBuilt Tactical T36 owner for the possession of contraband, or to prosecute TommyBuilt Tactical for any wrongdoing.  To this end, my team and I have been authorized by ATF to replace the existing T36 receivers with an upgraded “TG36” receiver.  There will be a minimal cost to you of $225 to upgrade to the new TG36.  It is critical that you send your receiver to me for an upgrade.  The ATF has made it clear that if your T36 is not returned for upgrade to the TG36, it will be considered contraband and subject to seizure.  

Once seized you will lose your entire T36 assembly.  The resolution that we are offering will allow you to keep ALL of your components in an upgraded state at a minimal cost.

We are a small business and already overwhelmed. This unexpected determination is a substantial financial hardship for us all. Please refer to our website ( for more details on this situation and instructions on exactly how to send in your receiver for replacement. 

Again, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

Thank you for your support,

TommyBuilt Tactical LLC

TommyBuilt got worse than the “Zucc,” they got the ATF C&D… and they lost the argument that their product was not a machinegun. I don’t know the details of the legal back and forth, but I have heard rumors. It ultimately doesn’t matter though. If you are a current T36 owner you have two options, return your rifle/pistol/SBR for an at cost upgrade to the new ATF compliant format… or the ATF can seize your gun as a new production machinegun in violation of the NFA.

Does it suck?


Will it cost you some money?

Yes. TommyBuilt has to re-receiver your gun and that was an $849 part.

This will cost you only $225.

Shipping Instructions:

  1. ONLY send the stripped bare receiver or barreled upper, and the lower (DO NOT ship all parts or your complete firearm to TommyBuilt Tactical) If you absolutely do not have the means to remove the stock or brace you may leave it on.
  2. Our preferred method of shipping is USPS priority large flat rate boardgame box. This box is available free at the Post office or you can request online that they deliver one to your home. The SKU is GB_FRB for this box.
  3. Click HERE to process your upgrade

Ship to:
TommyBuilt Tactical
2620 West Socrum Loop Rd
Lakeland FL 33810

Each TommyBuilt customer is important to us and we working to upgrade these as quickly as possible. They will be upgraded in the order in which they are received. We are estimating our turn around time to be 3-6 weeks depending on the volume received. Your patience is greatly appreciated

Should you have any questions about your specific firearm please leave it in the section below. Please DO NOT call or email TommyBuilt Tactical or message Tom or TommyBuilt on Facebook or Instagram regarding your T36.

ALL correspondence will come from

If you have a T36, please be patient with the TBT team. They got got punched by the ATF ruling and lost the argument, it happens.

If you want to order a new TG36 that is compliant, I urge greater patience. I will be ordering this year, especially after Tom and his crew put in the sweat equity first to defend your product, and then when that became impossible, to make it right in the most doable manner possible for the customers. Yes, its going to cost some money, but that isn’t TBT’s fault. Give them a hand, give them support, lend them you patience and don’t drill into them on the $225… now if you want to send an articulate and low/no profanity nastygram to the ATF expressing your displeasure at their strange and sudden attack on a small business making Title I firearms, by all means. But this deal is ultimately inked in the books and in motion already.

Keith Finch
Keith is the former Editor-in-Chief of GAT Marketing Agency, Inc. He got told there was a mountain of other things that needed doing, so he does those now and writes here when he can. A USMC Infantry Veteran and Small Arms and Artillery Technician, Keith covers the evolving training and technology from across the shooting industry. Teaching since 2009, he covers local concealed carry courses, intermediate and advanced rifle courses, handgun, red dot handgun, bullpups, AKs, and home defense courses for civilians, military client requests, and law enforcement client requests.