A Shorty 590M with JJ!

Of course you’re aware of Mossberg’s venerable pump shotgun, the 590, that is one of the most popular shotties in history. And by now if you haven’t heard of the “Shockwave” with the “bird’s head grip” that isn’t defined as a shotgun by the ATF because it was made as a pistol and therefore can have a 14-inch barrel without having to be taxed as a short-barreled shotgun–then you’ve been living in communist China. But the only complaint with it–much like all mag-tube-fed shotguns–is that it’s tough to load quickly. Well, no more. The “M” means this 590 is box-magazine fed, so now this 26-inch shotgun that can be stashed in a motorcycle saddlebag, golf bag or boat hold can hold 5, 10, 15 or 20 rounds and be reloaded with as many rounds in a second. Certainly, the 20 round mag makes it gangly, but you get the point. Watch the vid to see JJ put it in action.

At an early age Jeff was kicked in the face by an exposed hammer shotgun, stunting his growth but also sparking a passion for guns, hunting and the outdoors. Since the crack of that old gun, he's traveled the world, hunting, shooting and writing for national outdoor magazines. His Youtube page adds a bit of practicality to tacticality, dispels hunting and shooting myths, gives fairly honest reviews of guns and gear because he's not beholden to anyone, and offers real-world based tips--that might well be wrong. Rest assured, Jeff is no Navy SEAL, although he stayed at a Holiday Inn once in San Diego.