A Garand Too Far

Mike Jones is back, and this time with a modern take on his titular theme.

What we see here is a SAGE EBR chassis’d M1 Garand. Yes. The coolest stock ever to grace the M14/M1A series of rifles, that made them really heavy, also has an M1 Garand variant built.


Well when someone with Post Malone money wants it, for reasons, you build it, for reasons.

And it looks awesome, something straight out of a SciFi series like Tomorrow War, Oblivion, or Battlestar Galactica.

Practical? Not a bit. But we don’t do guns like this for practicality. These are for fun. These are because ‘Why not?’ This exists for a combination of ‘I wonder if we can make that work?’ and ‘Wouldn’t that look sick?’ and the result is… yes, it does.

We need to have fun with these things too. As much as they serve serious and practical purposes we have entire sports and events dedicated to running these for fun. Do that. Make the ridiculous thing, just because you want it. ‘Because’ is a valid reason.

So do the stormtrooper artic AUG. Get an AR ceracoketed like a race car. Put an LPVO/MPVO on a PCC. Not everything in your inventory has to be “practical” as long as you don’t conflate the two. Regular carbine with optic and light for ‘serious’ use. Goofy guns like Yeet Cannons for fun. Hi-Point is still stringing us along on the actual Yeet Cannon too, that’s unacceptable.

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