A Critical Look At DeSantis Holsters

The Mini Scabbard, left, and Speed Scabbard, right, are well made holsters with much to recommend.

Quite a number of modern shooters don’t quite understand the advantages of leather holsters. But then Kydex also has advantages. Wading through the differences isn’t that difficult and I own and deploy each type. If you are looking for a to-go maker with a variety of holsters that may be ordered for a wide range of firearms DeSantis may be at the top of the list. Lets look at some of the designs from DeSantis. 

The Speed Scabbard is the holster I think of when I think DeSantis. 

An optics ready Speed Scabbard is a recent development.

The Speed Scabbard is an open top design. Thumb breaks and safety straps have no place on a properly designed concealed carry holster. The molding of the holster is security enough. The holster features a pancake design that hugs the body. The holster spreads the weight of the gun out on the belt by use of three double stitched belt loops. There are three loops to adjust the draw angle.  Some prefer a more severe draw angle. The Speed Scabbard should be worn behind the hip under a covering garment for best results. The holster features a retention screw to set retention and also to tighten the leather up after years of use. I often use the Speed Scabbard with a SIG P series SAO type pistol. This isn’t a light gun but the Speed Scabbard fills the bill and keep the pistol in place on the belt. The Speed Scabbard is available in an optics ready option. By cutting the holster lower on one side to accommodate the optic and adding a little support on the other side DeSantis has produced a credible choice for optics ready handguns.

The Mini Scabbard features a tunnel loop belt attachment. The Speed Scabbard offers good cant adjustment.

Mini Scabbard

I like Mini Scabbard a lot. Despite its small size support is excellent due to a well designed tunnel loop. Belt attachment is secure. The holster is light and flat. It isn’t a pancake but a scabbard which means that the draw angle is ideal for a rapid presentation. If you deploy a S & W Shield, Springfield Hellcat or Taurus GX4 the Mini Scabbard is ideal. 

Slim Tuk

This is an interesting design that offers the popular tuckable option. I don’t wear mine under a tucked in shirt but use the Slim Tuk as a standard inside the waistband holster. I like the option of adjusting the belt loop. Kydex construction prevents the holster from being damaged by perspiration or solvents. The Slim Tuk is surprisingly comfortable for long periods of wear. The draw is sharp once covering garments are pushed aside. The solution for optics ready carry is simple- DeSantis moved the belt clip to the opposite side, preserving a high ride and good concealment. 

Veiled Partner 

The Veiled Partner is an advanced design with plenty of adjustment.

This is a Kydex holster that maximizes the advantages of Kydex. The holster hugs the body as tight as a pancake type leather holster. But no leather holster could offer the wide range of adjustment for rake, cant, and ride. Rake is forward or rear rake as determined whether the muzzle is to the rear or forward, cant is the angle of the draw, and ride is how high the holster rides above or below the belt. The Veiled Partner is also available in an optics ready version. 

These holsters offer good utility. They are designed to last and offer good concealed carry options. Take a look at DeSantis when making your next concealed carry gear purchase.