9-Hole Nuka-Cola

I haven’t seen Josh and Henry do one of these in a minute and I am glad it is back!

Scenario: Fallout

The popular game series about the end of civilization is a world renowned classic (especially if we ignore Fallout 76) but the premise is an interesting take away from typical first person shooters where ammunition is effectively unlimited and you and your digital company of heroes goes on a merry godtier murder spree against terrorist Nazis.

Call of Duty and Battlefield have that one covered nicely.

No, Fallout has always had heavy survival aspects to the game and one of those aspects is highly limited resources. Weapons and ammunition are scarce. They are commodities. You don’t just run to your supply buddy and pickup 800 rounds for your SAW secondary weapon, 300 for your semi-auto sniper primary, and 2 LAW rockets able to be whipped out at a moments notice.

Nope, you have a goofy little pop gun and 16 shots for it… better make them count.

Thus we get the scenario from Fallout, you need to survive and travel in a hostile environment and can take one of two loadouts.

A Mosin with an old Mosin optic and 8 rounds of 7.62x54r with a .22 hush puppy type pistol and a handful of magazine, or an AK with most of one magazine.




You have no expectation of a resupply, you are scrounging for everything. Any fight you get into is extremely high risk and you need to end quickly because every trigger pull is full percentages of ammunition reserve.

We talk about home protection and self protection in terms of a single magazine all the time, it is perfectly reasonable to scale in that context and still be quite adequately protected if you need to go to a gun. Even against multiple attackers in a home a single rifle magazine worth of ammunition is very likely to solve that problem.

But now that is your ammunition supply for… ever. Or at least months, you have to conserve.

So, would you take a bolt action with an old optic and a quiet .22? Or would you take an iron sighted AK with a a mostly full magazine?

For beyond the end of civilization.

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Keith Finch
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