9-Hole and the Bren 2 (CZ 806): The Final Czech

Having just completed their account of the 805, the transitional rifle of the Czech Republic’s logistic integration into NATO, Josh and Henry take on the newest service rifle out of CZ.

The Bren 2 (sometimes referred to as the 806, the successor to the 805 project) is essentially the rifle CZ wanted to deliver with the 805 project combined with recommendations from end users of the 805. The Bren 2 rifle system was a ‘blank slate’ development and truly multi-caliber where the 805 was scaled to just 5.56 to simplify logistics.

Better rail system, M-LOK integration, non-reciprocating charging handle, upgraded bolt lock and release system. The Bren 2 is a true modern service rifle and is, in many ways, more advanced than the M4A1 (exceptions being the URGI and other SOCOM variants, which are peer) and the stock FN SCAR Mk. 16/Mk. 17 rifles.

The US is unlikely to surpass many of the smaller nation’s service rifle programs until the NGSW comes to fruition just due to the sheer volume of a service wide adoption on the scale of the U.S. Military. The U.S. will need hundreds of thousands of rifles to even cover most of its combat arms troops, an order larger than most smaller nations entire uniformed service.


Keith Finch
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