Brandon wrecks a 12 gauge AK.

For Science!

It’s one of those fun nonsense tests that turn money into noise… and shrapnel.

Theory: Since a .50 BMG and a 12 gauge bolt face are compatible, should you be able to rebarrel a 12 gauge with a .50 BMG Barrel and it should be workable.

Practice: Well… hit play and enjoy.

Physics are an uncaring and merciless force and .50 BMG is one of our ultimate projections of physics in action. .50 absolutely wrecks things that more mundane rounds merely strike. The destruction on display firing this is spectacular and I am here for it.

The short version is you have to structurally support the round being set off. The 12 gauge AK frames cannot. It is a more energetic failure than polymer AR frames cracking near the buffer tube and rear takedown pin, but it is the same type of failure as there is not enough material, or enough of the correct material, to support the stress being put into the part.

Keith Finch
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