Ruger LC9 Review

Watch Hickok45’s review of the Ruger LC9 on Youtube. This is the video that made me go out and buy one. Later this month expect to see my first Youtube video which will be a review of this gun.

This is a single stack 6 or 7 round magazine that is perfect for concealed pocket carry.

The safety for many is a nice feature for pocket cary.

The trigger is an exceptionally long pull. This is a nice safety feature but will certainly hurt your ability to group the bullets. Galloway precission makes an adjusted trigger you can find here. This makes a big difference from what I have read and seen though I have not tried it yet. I did buy the guide rod and that made a difference that was worth the investment.

The blue on the actual barrel is garbage in my opinion. It started coming off in the first 50 rounds I shot. I did find in this linked video however a great way to make the barrel look nice by removing the blue that comes off anyways.

If you have this gun please leave a comment and let me know what you think of it. If you have a pocket holster for this please let me know as well since I am looking for a better pocket holster.