0241 Tactical’s Basha Review

Craig from Swanson Media Group takes a look at the latest version of 0241 Tactical’s Basha/Tarp. The Tarp used in this review is their Medium version (120″ x 90″)

When you need something done right sometimes you just have to do it yourself.  Two former military warriors pioneered and developed 0241 Tactical.  They decided to create a special line of USA made products their mission is to provide affordable products that do what they say they will do.  I have had the opportunity to use several of the 0241 products in the field and can attest to the slogan that 0241 Tactical attached to the 0241 Tactical name “Concealment from Sight, Protect from the Elements”.  0241 Tactical continues in the traditions of the military in their attention to details, product appearance, as well as superior quality.  0241 Tactical has product lines in the latest camouflage patterns that include all MultiCam variants, All-Terrain Tiger Stripe, A-TACS patterns, ERDL, CADPAT, MARPAT, and the Kryptek patterns.  They serve a wide customer base including Special Operations units, conventional units of all branches, hunters, and airsoft enthusiasts.  This is a company that means what it says and says what it means. When your life is dependent on the tools and equipment you have, 0241 Tactical has your six.


I want to share with you the most recent product I have had the pleasure of using and testing which is the Basha Shelter/Tarpaulin (tarp) by 0241 Tactical (0241).   The one I am using is the medium tarp (120×90) which actual dimensions of the one I received is 119” x 89” approximately 9.92’ x 7.42’.  This tarp weighs in at 2lbs 3.75oz.  I know what you are thinking; “Wow that is heavy!” Yep, it sure is if you are comparing it to lets say a Hennessy that weighs 1lb 9oz.  But these two tarps have two different service descriptions.  The Hennessy is a rain fly and basically that is all it does while protecting you from rain, wind and sun.  The 0241 Tarp is heavy but that means it is heavy duty and has many purposes and uses.  This Basha/Tarp is made to work not just shelter.


0241 Tactical has three sizes they advertise with multiple patterns and colors.  The other two sizes of tarps are 90”x60” and 180”x90”.  The tarps have one inch “D” rings around the edges for tying out as a rain/concealment shelter or for staking down over gear.  Depending on the size you get either 8, 12 or 16 tie down points.  These tarps are made with a USA produced continuous piece of material. 0241Tactical uses two separate pieces of material, double stitched together, and the seam is sealed with a waterproof seam seal.  The top of mine is MARPAT woodland and the underneath is a dark earth.  The “D” rings are attached with heavy-duty webbing (dark earth).  The web site shows the small, medium and large providing cover for one, three or five people as a simple lean to configuration.  The tarp did not come in a bag so I am using a 9L dry bag, which gives me plenty of room for the tarp, a hammock, stakes, hammock straps and some cordage.  This little shelter kit has come in handy many times.


I have used my tarp both in the field and at work, not only as a rain shelter blocking the rain but also creating shade from the hot Florida sun.  The 0241 dropped the temperature from the direct sunlight on an extremely hot summer day by creating a shade which was 18 degrees cooler.   That was definitely a lifesaver on that particular day.  Another unique use I made of this tarp was when I went exploring with some friends on my pontoon boat.  If you know anything about a Bimini top it offers only limited shelter.  I have been caught in storms many times out on the water and in Florida it Forest Gump rains, down, up and side ways.  We threw the 0241 tarp up in addition to the Bimini and not only did it protect us from the rain, after the shower passed, it gave a relaxing shade to sit in after hiking.  We decided to leave it up while we changed locations and this was a testament to the rugged design of the tarp.  While under way, I thought we may experience a tear or a “D” ring failure but that never happened. We brought the pontoon up to its full speed and the tarp held well with no malfunctions.  I feel confident that in a heavy storm with wind, this tarp will perform well.  I have had it in several rain storms and a couple of thunderstorms and it has consistently kept me dry.  While sitting under this tarp I could see some very small pin sized holes which never leaked water but appear to let humidity out preventing condensation.  This is yet another plus for this well designed tarp.


Getting back to the weight of this tarp.  Due to the double layers, you are getting a tarp that is heavier than other hiking/camping rain tarps.  But, thinking of this as a tool in addition to a rain tarp, it is well worth the few extra ounces.  This basha has multiple ways of configuring shelter, cover or concealment.  It could also be used as a litter.  The company does not advertise this as a use but folded over would be four layers and able to carry what ever you need to haul out in an emergency.  Hunters could also use this to haul out their game if needed.  As stated many times the rugged construction with the multiple “D” rings make this a very useful addition to your kit.


If I was to modify or add to in any way I would add one more “D” ring to the middle of the tarp.  This would improve setup when using a ridgeline and give a pull out when configuring in a lean to set up.  I would also like to see the addition in the Basha line of tarps that has more ”D” rings, webbing and webbing handles as to truly be used as a litter or patient mover.

I have really enjoyed using and testing this 0241 Tactical Basha/Tarpaulin.  I will continue using it in my adventures in the great outdoors and as previously mentioned, I am not shocked by the quality and usefulness of the 0241 Tactical products.  They truly enhance the concealment from sight and protection from the elements.  In some cases this could be the difference between life and death.  Thank you 0241 Tactical for providing US made products and for supporting our troops.

Source: http://www.thegearlocker.net/2016/02/4973/

Eric TGL
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