How about some 20 mike-mike vs. cases of copy paper (VIDEO)

Edwin Sarkissian teamed up with Mark Serbu who brought his trusty 20mm cannon out to the desert just to assassinate some 20-pound bond.

They stack the copy paper four cases deep but the gun, which looks like a development of Serbu’s Typhon project, is a leviathan, so it’s an even money bet if you had to call the outcome before the shot. We hope the paper was from sustainably managed forests at least.

There is bonus, if somewhat slapsticky, footage of a select-fire Soviet Kalash with a milled receiver in action.

Update: Looks like M204 practice cases, which would make it 20x110mm Hisso ammo like was used on the old M3 and Mk16 cannons.

Good things always come in different colors .

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