Zore X promises other gun locks a run for their money (VIDEO)

After two years developing a gun lock that allows owners to control the device electronically, Zore Inc, a startup founded by Israeli Defense Forces, is planning to pre-sale the items as part of a crowdfunding campaign.

“Unlike smart guns which are trying to save lives by defecting guns — we left the guns as they are — untouched (and perfectly working). Our lock just makes sure that gun owners are aware of their guns even when they are not on them,” said Yachdav Gilbar, a developer on Zore’s team, in an email to Guns.com.

The device, Zore-X, affixes into the chamber with a cartridge-shaped flange attached to a box-shaped external part and users operate the locking mechanism with a button on the rear. Pushing the button locks the slide ajar while the chamber is filled with the device.

Zore X diagram

(Photo: Zore)

In addition to mechanically blocking the action, the “bullet” that lodges in the barrel automatically expands to completely clog the chamber if tampered with. The feature is powered by a rechargeable battery, which holds a one-year initial charge.

Users can operate Zore-X manually with a dial and combination, but they can also take control with an app. With a registered device — any smartphone — users can lock or unlock the device and change security codes. Also, the app will notify the owner of any movement of his or her locked-down gun, any movement of the dial, or other tampering.

The app keeps tabs on battery power as well. Notifications are functional when the Zore-X Bluetooth device is plugged into a wall outlet in the vicinity of the locked gun.

If needed under pressure, once the user unlocks and removes the device, the handgun’s slide will drive forward and push a live round into the chamber. Initially, Zore-X will be available for 9mm handguns, but the company has plans to release models for .45, 5.56, and .40 at a later date.

While the company’s Indiegogo campaign isn’t live yet, sign-ups for notification are being accepted. Pre-production pricing starts at $97, with full retail planned at $197.

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