Zenith Firearms MKE Z-5RS family: Now NFA Free with SB Arm Brace Goodness

Coming soon to a dealer near you, the guys at the Zenith Booth at the NRA show had several flavors of their excellent MKE Z-5RS pistols with folding SB arm braces.  The workhorse of the 70’s has grown up and become a US legal semi-automatic pistol with rails and an arm brace which is absolutely not a stock, see the velcro?
Made in a factory which formerly produced license built H&K MP-5’s there is a passing resemblance to the classic counter terrorism gun.  I can tell you these guns are as good as anything that ever came out of Oberndorf and they have some features that would make the old guys cringe.

– 9×19 mm
Barrel Length
– 8.9 inches
Weight Empty
– 5.5 pounds
– semi-automatic,
roller-lock, delayed
– rear drum for
elevation and windage, front
protected post
– 30-round steel
– black
– barrel end has
three lugs and 1/2×28 RHM
thread for
They now come in an attractive black ballistic nylon gun bag from Assault Systems:
We are waiting on the samples to ship out, you will know when we do.
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