You Kill it, They’ll Grill it

By Russ Chastain

Let’s say you go on a successful hunting or fishing trip away from home and you haven’t got the facilities, time, or gumption to cook your critter(s). Well, your hotel, lodge, or a local restaurant just might scorch up your game and feed it to you.

It’s age-old tradition for game taken during a hunt or fishing trip to be used as food for the hunters & fishermen, but with today’s modern life that is often bypassed. A deer is taken, hauled to a processor, and when it’s next seen the meat is frozen rock-hard and neatly wrapped and labeled. That can lead to a bit of a disconnect between taking and consuming your game.

Hunting outfitters have long offered clients custom-cooked meals, but larger facilities don’t always make it available. That trend may be changing.

A Viceroy resort in Colorado is planning to offer that option to hunters who bag pheasants, ducks, or geese while hunting with a local guide service. Hunters can even watch the executive chef butcher and prepare the game, if they like.

Currently, this kind of program seems more widely available for fishermen than hunters…

Westin Cape Coral Resort in Cape Coral, Florida has “Hook N’ Cook.” They’ll cook and serve your cleaned, filleted fish for about $15 (additional menu items cost more).

Bear Track Inn in Gustavus, Alaska will also cook up your catch.

Michigan has “Catch & Cook,” a confederation of commercial and government entities that works to bring together charter fishing clients with 50 or so restaurants that will cook your catch and serve it to you.

I didn’t manage to turn up any hotels that will butcher your deer and feed it to you during your stay, but you never can tell… that service might be right around the corner.

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