Wilson Combat’s CQB Shotgun is battle-ready

Wilson Combat rolled out a well-appointed tactical shotgun this month. The Arkansas company now offers a 12-gauge called simply “CQB Shotgun.” The name perfectly describes the all-black, all-business firearm, built on a Remington 870 platform.

Known for their upscale 1911 pistols, Wilson stayed true to its classic-gun ways, updating this pump-action model in an age when many are turning to semi-autos. At the same time, the company stepped way out of its in-house production box to put this one together.

Features from stern to stem include a ramp-style front sight with fiber optic insert atop an 18.4-inch cylinder bore barrel, with a three-inch magnum chamber.

Wilson outfitted the shotgun with SureFire’s tactical fore-end with an integral 200-600 lumen light.

The magazine tube holds six rounds, and has an extra-power, heavy duty spring. Feeding is also complemented by a high-visibility, non-binding follower. There’s a rigid sling mount on the mag tube.

A Trak-Lock adjustable ghost ring is WC’s choice for a rear sight. High-stress handling is enhanced by a large safety and a Wilson Combat/BCM Starburst Gunfighter Grip. The grip texturing performs double duty as appropriately rugged decoration.

Mesa Tactical supplied the six-round aluminum shell carrier. There’s a collapsible aluminum stock adaptor with quick-detach swivel mounts, and a mil-spec buffer tube. Super-Stoc’s carbine buttstock brings up the rear.

The whole package is coated in Armor-Tuff finish. WC completes the outfit with a 44-inch nylon case for $73.95.

Wilson Combat has built a reputation building 1911s from scratch.  The Combat CQB, a collection of mostly outsourced components, is quite a divergence from that approach.  The company’s flexibility appears to have paid off in this offering of a purpose-built 870, chock-full of useful features.

At $1,695, the Wilson Combat CQB Shotgun is priced competitively when compared to piecing together a combat shotgun—and saves invaluable time.

You’ll just have to buy your own sling.

Source Article from http://www.guns.com/2016/04/19/wilson-combat-the-perfect-combat-shotgun/

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