Why you vet your instructors

Raven Concealment Systems 2
How to fight around a vehicle - Premiere Tactical Group

Great jumpin’ dogshit.

What the fuck did we just see? It’s not a huge surprise to us that comments are disabled on the video.

You know, the firearms industry often eats its own. There’s lots of internecine fighting and mockery, hatin’, shit-talkin’…that’s not good for any of us, mostly. Sometimes, though, sometimes you see something that leave you wanting to gouge your eyes out with a fork. We’re not going to make a comparison that would be unfair to people with the wrong number of chromosomes, but we will strongly recommend you avoid training with anyone who obviously ingests large numbers of crayons. Do Crimson Trace and Atlantic Marksman know “Premiere Tactical Group” is dropping names?

Grunts: Vet (definition 2) and internecine

How to fight around a vehicle - Premiere Tactical Group 2


There is one thing you can take away from this – at the very end he says, “Get to the range. Train as much as you can, make sure you can do these shots.” We’ll go back and look at some of his other videos later. Who knows, maybe there’s some redeeming value in the other ones. We want to give anyone whose heart is in the right place the benefit of the doubt – as long as they don’t get someone killed.

The good news is, if you watch this enough times you too will be able to “…put enough targets on round” and you’ll qualify for a free padded helmet with matching clown shoes from the NRA.


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Hat tip to Li’l Red Danger.

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