Whoop: Unlocking Human Performance

What do you think of when someone mentions human performance? Personally, I think of the Bourne Legacy movie where Jeremy Renner has to take his ‘chems’ on a regular basis to sustain his superhuman performance both physically and mentally. Those supposed ‘chems’ keep him at the top of his game for the operations he’s tasked with. Obviously taking chems is not a realistic option, but there are options. Enter Whoop.

A few weeks ago I was attending the end of year meetings for Hurricane Group. One of our sessions brought in Jairek Robbins to speak to us about how to optimize human performance on both a personal level and in a team environment. Jairek covered many aspects of unlocking human performance, but the most important was probably sleep and recovery. Without the proper sleep and recovery ratio, everything else will suffer and you’ll never achieve what you’re capable of. One of the fitness programs he uses to track his sleep and recovery is called Whoop. Whoop is similar to a Fitbit, but offers much more useful information at a much more granular level.


Whoop: Unlocking human performance


Whoop uses a wristband to collect information from your body and a mobile app to present that information to you in an easy to understand format. The wristband collects information throughout the day while you work, move around and workout. Based on your energy output, Whoop will let you know when you need to take a pit stop and recover based on the quality of your sleep the previous night.

Whoop measures the body 24×7 and provides analytics to its members in order to unlock and improve human performance. This includes strain, recovery and sleep. Whoop assists the best athletes in the world, Navy SEALs and fortune 500 CEO’s on their quest to maximize performance. What does it take to optimize human performance? Watch the following video, then proceed to the Whoop website for more information and to sign up. I’m going to be signing up myself and posting my progress.

For more information about this product and service visit the Whoop website