When AK isn’t OK. Pt 2.

This time we go to Iraq where the Iraqi produced variants are a “pirated copy of a pirated copy” of the AK.

Imagine the Wish.com variant of the AK but then you got it through Limewire. Original internet explorers know about the Limewire… It you get double the quality control concerns of a pirated item. But at least this is a physical item so it will just explode or all apart instead of giving some com-bloc hacker the information saved on your computer. So that is nice.

Iraq licensed the Yugo. But the Yugo wasn’t licensed. It was picked up and reverse engineered. Now like any rifle, when it was well made it ran, Yugoslavia actually made theirs well. But the story devolves from their in the 80’s under the former Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein. (Haven’t heard that name in a minute, being dead and all will do that. But we’re talking history so he is back.)

What really spelled the failure of the Iraqi rifles was their cleaning and maintenance procedures… there aren’t any. This is typical of third world military and militia forces. Another common belief is that dialing a sight’s number up makes it shoot harder instead of being the distance for accurate shots in meters.. not like they use sights often though so they can believe as the wish.

In short, Iraq couldn’t follow directions have the Yugo engineers left and their product, like their economy at war, tanked.

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