Wheeler’s most complete AR armorer’s kit

New from Battenfeld Technology brands is the most complete AR Armorer’s kit in their line to date: the Wheeler Delta Series AR-15 Armorer’s Ultra Kit.

The fully-loaded kit contains most every tool needed to complete a rifle build, make repairs or perform general maintenance on AR-15 platform guns. Per the company, this kit can perform over 50 different operations necessary to AR creation and upkeep.

Wheeler has a successful track record of such products dedicated to the maintenance, care, and building of AR-style rifles. The Delta Series AR-15 Armorer’s Ultra Kit, which improves upon smaller versions offered by the company in the past, is touted as the most comprehensive AR-15 build-and-maintain kit on the market and includes:

  • AR Armorers Vise
  • AR-15 Combo Tool
  • Torque Wrench
  • AR-15 Armorer’s Bench Block
  • AR-15 Roll Pin Install Tool Kit
  • Upper Vise Block Clamp with Gas Tube Alignment Tool
  • Maintenance Mat with Exploded view AR-15
  • Pivot Pin & Roll Pin Installation Tool
  • AR Front Sight Tool
  • Delta Ring Tool
  • Strap Wrench
  • AR-15 Bore Guide
  • AR-15 Adjustable Receiver Link
  • Bore Brush, .22 Cal.
  • Bolt Carrier Brush
  • Chamber Brush
  • Magazine/Upper Receiver Brush
  • Nylon Brush Handle
  • Double-ended General Cleaning Brush
  • Cleaning Pick Set
  • Custom Fitted Carrying Case

I have used Wheeler tool and smithing kits in the past with exceptional results.  Their components have proven to be of high quality. We’d like to review this one further, but from what we saw at SHOT Show 2016, the items are well made and everything packs up nicely into a soft-sided carrying case. MSRP is set at $329, but real world prices should be significantly lower.

Source Article from http://www.guns.com/2016/02/11/wheeler-engineering-shows-off-improved-ar-armorers-ultra-kit/

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