What is your absolute minimum edc?

A Knife

Picking one knife for my bare minimum EDC was a tough choice. I’ve carried both folders and concealed fixed blades. Both have their pros and cons. Again out of my collection of both types of knives, If I had to pick one, it would be my Emerson CQC-7. The CQC-7 makes a great blade to run with. It clips to the waistband of my running shorts and I can effortlessly engage the wave if I need to deploy the knife quickly. The design and profile of the CQC-7 tanto blade make it a great overall blade for both EDC work and personal defense. Ergonomics are great too allowing you to use the knife for prolonged periods of time without hand fatigue.

A Flashlight

Other than my watch, probably the most used piece of EDC gear is my handheld flashlight. For a minimal low-vis option that is easily carried every day, I roll with the Streamlight Protac 1L-1AA. The 1L-1AA is a dual fuel light that runs off either a single CR123 or AA battery. You get a few more lumens out of the light if you use the CR123, but when traveling you can almost always find standard AA batteries both domestic and international.