What if you’re armed and carrying a minion?

By Mad Duo

Armed and carrying a minion

If you carry a gun every day (and we hope you do, unless you’re Jack Hawksmoor or Remo Williams), have you considered how you’ll handle the drawstroke, presentation and reaction to threat if you’ve got one hand dedicated to a minion? Sure, it’s important to make sure all your grade school aged flunkies know what to do if things go pear shaped, but what if it’s just YOU, no spouse, and of those slobbering little paperweights that required constant attention?

Well, “Defensive Daddy” wrote an article about that very thing over on GROWING UP GUNS. He calls it Baby Totin’ Busy Hand Drills and it’s worth a read.

Since my son is too young to follow directions to run and hide and can’t understand how to use code words to enact a plan, I have to have repetitions of gun manipulations while handling him. This post isn’t about tactics, but just the mechanics of getting a gun into play while toting a small child.

As with all things, in order to have clarity in our practice we need to define our mission. When out with my son (no wife) I have defined mine as “protect my child at all costs, and escape with my own life if possible”. In my mission statement, I have placed his safety above mine. This will drive my tactics and strategy.

He discusses several of his personal drills, including some that address one handed shooting, malfunction clearance and reloads all with one hand dedicated to holding a minion.

Practice blading your torso fully away, using yourself as a meat-wall between you and the bad guy. Make yourself the FBI ballistic gelatin maximum depth of penetration. You can do this by taking a drop step with off side leg, or by stepping aggressively forward with your shooting side leg. Practice movement in your dry practice. Practice crouching, lying, and otherwise conforming to cover with an emphasis on protecting your ‘prop’. If you’re doing dry work (a blue gun or a dummy barrel is preferred here, as it keeps the wife from having a stroke), pick up your kid and move around with them and practice. A squirming tot is the best prop for this.

Go check out the full article and sound off. We’re going to be writing a follow-up in the future wherein we talk to some parents who are also proficient gunfighters. Be nice to see what you thought first (or if you had questions, concerns.

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