Welcome to the IOS: The Interchangeable Optic System from Nighthawk Custom

Everything you want in an optic solution. The IOS is adaptable to your needs and allows for a low profile RMR mount with the versatility to switch rear sight in a matter of seconds. With the dovetail cut in the slide each plate can be removed and still return to zero, allowing for quick and easy switching of rear sight without sacrificing aesthetic or function. 
     -Plate returns to zero
     -Rear sight alignment between plates
     -Fully machined from prehard material
     -Standard Novak sight cut
     -Low profile
     -Quick and easy plate removal
     -Standard Hight front sight for either iron sight or red dot use

Nighthawk Custom has always been known for their craftsmanship and with the release of our optics system we craft our optics mount with the same attention to detail. Without sacrificing any fit or function, we are able to give your 1911 sight options that you can change. Our goal was to create a system that is adaptable, diverse, easy, reliable, and blended seamlessly with the gun. As if it always belonged there. With all this in mind, Nighthawk Custom has created the most revolutionary sighting system ever conceived;  the Interchangeable Optic System, or Nighthawk IOS for short.

Traditionally, if you wanted an RMR mounted on your pistol, you would be required to  make a permanent modification to your slide and mount an adapter plate for a specific RMR. This would limit you to the RMR you chose and would completely remove your rear sight cut. That is a great option if you know the RMR optic you want now and forever. However, knowing that environments change, your rear optic should be able to change also. Nighthawk is giving you the option between several RMR optics without taking away your fixed rear sight option. 

The system works with a tapered dovetail in the slide, deep enough that it allows for the top plate to be machined with any feature that a standard slide with a fixed rear sight would receive. There is a dowel pin and one set screw that secure the pate with only a few steps. In other words; you can have a fixed rear sight and an RMR sight that are interchangeable, both able to return their zero each time you interchange your optic. This is achieved with the pin that is inserted on the left side of the plate and secured with the set screw above the plate. Removing the plate is done in reverse order of installation.

Nighthawk has also put a fixed rear sight in each of our RMR plates that will work in conjunction with the same front sight used by the standard rear sight. The Trijicon and Viper Vortex have the fixed rear sight in front of the RMR and allow for confident table racking with no distortion in your sight picture from your optic. The Shield RMSc has the fixed rear sight behind the RMR allowing for the standard sight radius.

After tens of thousands of rounds of testing, we can confidently state that the Nighthawk IOS is the best solution available on any pistol, anywhere. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed.