Weigh In: What’s Wrong with Survival Television

By Ashley

Survival television shows like Man vs. Wild and Survivorman have changed the survival industry, for better or for worse. In some ways, they’ve helped show the importance of preparedness, which can aid in educating the masses who don’t always see prepping as a vital life-saving endeavor. However, survival TV can also contribute to the spread of misinformation or the shilling of low-quality gear.

An article today on Gizmodo called “What’s Wrong with Survival Television” highlights some of the more problematic aspects to prepper TV. Some of these issues include the reality aspect of survival television–although it’s usually intended to be informative, it’s often sensationalized to serve as entertainment first and foremost. Also, the survival scenarios portrayed are usually unrealistic or extreme-case scenarios. Author Wes Siler also called out survival “experts” for fear-mongering or turning a normal campout into a life-threatening event. Weigh in below on your thoughts on survival television shows (and if you have a favorite), and check out the Gizmodo article and discussion.

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