Watch: Ogre Enviroclean vs 4k round dirty AR Bolt Carrier Group

I always have at least one dirty AR15 sitting around. Honestly, cleaning the massive amount of carbon out of my bolt carriers and uppers is something that I do not look forward to. Usually, I clean with the toughest, smelliest stuff I can find.

When Ogre Manufacturing sent their Enviroclean product to me for review I knew I had at least one BCG in desperate need of cleaning. I was pleasantly surprised when I read up on the product and realized it was biodegradable and had no smell. This certainly will make my wife happy, especially while I am cleaning guns in the house.

The cleaning performance was good and I felt like it was certainly proficient at getting dirt and grime off of my AR15 parts. If you would like to check out a cleaner, safer, less smelly gun oil that happens to be affordable the link is below:…

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