Watch IWI Jericho 941 F: Accurate, Reliable, and Durable

In addition to having perhaps the coolest name in all of handguns, the Jericho also has had a lengthy career as a military and law enforcement sidearm. This video is a brief overview of the Jericho 941 F. Manufactured in Israel by IWI, and imported by IWI US, the 941 is available in both mid-sized and full-size, with either a polymer or steel frame.

Chambered in 9mm and based on the classic CZ-75 short recoil system, the Jericho has a reputation as an accurate, reliable, and durable firearm. But the durability comes with a price: the Jericho is both big and heavy…and I absolutely love it just the way it is. The F model is three pounds of Israeli steel with a crisp trigger and is a joy to take to the range

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A lifetime outdoorsman and firearms enthusiast, Johnny offers quick and easy tactical reviews for everyday folks on his active YouTube channel, 180 Second Ideas.  His favorite range guns are full-sized steel pistols and he enjoys helping others develop their CCW skills.  Johnny holds a Masters of Professional Communication, a Doctorate of Education, and makes his home in East Tennessee.

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