Watch: Full-auto versus Semi-auto accuracy

For those familiar with big names in either modern firearms training or modern Special Operations history, Larry Vickers is well known.  Having retired from 1st SFOD- Delta after a long and storied career, Larry has continued to build upon his legacy as both an equipment developer (Hk416, Vickers sling and others) and as a top-flight trainer of shooters.  Bottom line, Larry has spent the vast majority of his life around firearms and is extremely proficient.

In this video, our expert takes on the common Hollywood perception that “loud, scary” full-auto fire is exclusively what the pro’s use.  This misconception flies in the face of all available military training data and experience.  While full-auto does have a (limited) functional role outside the realm of dedicated light and heavy machine guns (such as the M249 SAW and M240); that role is limited and effectiveness is decreased significantly when used outside of it.

Larry takes us through a 15 yard, three target drill with an AK in semi auto, “burst mode” (short bursts of full-auto) and with a full auto mag dump.  Check out the results:

Rex Nanorum


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