Washtenaw County Board Wastes Money and Time on Useless Pandering

Washtenaw County board met the other night and discussed stand your ground legislation until early in the morning. They 5-4 on a resolution to urge State Legislature to repeal the stand your ground law.

Outcome: The resolution passed on a 5-4 vote. The five commissioners who voted in favor of the resolution were Felicia Brabec (D-District 4), Ronnie Peterson (D-District 6), Andy LaBarre (D-District 7), Yousef Rabhi (D-District 8) and Conan Smith (D-District 9). Voting against it were Kent Martinez-Kratz (D-District 1), Dan Smith (R-District 2), Alicia Ping (R-District 3), and Rolland Sizemore Jr. (D-District 5).

Lets look at this for a second and see exactly how ridiculous and wasteful this is.

1. The Washtenaw County Board does not make or vote on state legislature. They have elected officials in the House and Senate that represent them and vote on these matters at the Sate level.  So anything they do in regards to State legislation is completely wasted resources of time and money.

2. The WCB actually postponed a hearing on passing its budget to have this meeting about legislation it has no ability to change.

3. While the majority of the constituents at the meeting spoke in favor of the existing stand yoru ground legislation and those individuals were actually from Washtenaw County the Board still voted in favor of its resolution to lobby for a change in the law.

4. WCB has now being forced to spend even more money in a suit filed against it that will determine

  • what authority the board has that enables it to “draw conclusions of law,”
  • what authority the board has to represent the county in seeking changes to state law.

With the outcome of this possibly causing the board to have to rescind it’s resolution if it is found that they will be opened to further legal battles.

So in short out of the 9 representatives 2 Republicans Dan Smith (R-District 2) and Alicia Ping (R-District 3) with 2 Democrats Kent Martinez-Kratz (D-District 1) and Rolland Sizemore Jr. (D-District 5) voted to either back stand your ground or not waste money on useless ventures.

The remaining Democrats on the board decided it would be a better use of county funds and money to make a political statement in favor of their party’s current attack on gun ownership. This is 100% about political party grandstanding and has nothing to do with the rights or the people that they are supposed to be serving.

If you are in Washtenaw County we urge you to contact your representatives. We see they have already ignored those who spoke against this but we must keep the pressure on. More importantly contact your State representatives and let them know the WCB does not speak for you.

You can read the full article with more in depth coverage here: http://annarborchronicle.com/2013/10/30/county-board-debates-taxes-state-laws/

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