Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners to Consider Anti-Self-Defense Ordinance

They are at it again!!!!!


The c CO. board of commissioners would like for all of us to be legally defenseless to protect ourselves and our families! please share this and make your voice heard! And remember come election time to support campaigns and candidates who support our bill of rights and liberty!
Michigan: Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners to Consider Anti-Self-Defense Ordinance This Wednesday 10/16

As previously reported, the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners has been considering a misguided resolution calling upon the Michigan Legislature and Governor Rick Snyder (R) to repeal Michigan’s “Stand Your Ground” law, and to create additional regulations that would further restrict your Second Amendment rights and inherent right to self-defense. While consideration of this ordinance was postponed at their last meeting, it is scheduled to be considered at their next meeting on Wednesday, October 16.
Please attend this important public hearing and respectfully tell the Board of Commissioners to defend – not undermine – your inherent right to self-defense and vote “NO” on this resolution. You will be allowed three minutes to make remarks.

Meeting Information:
Date: Wednesday, October 16
Time: 6:45 p.m.
Address: Board Room of Administration Building
sp; 220 North Main Street in Ann Arbor


This resolution would also call upon the State Legislature and Governor to burden responsible gun owners by strengthening Michigan’s already stringent laws to purchase firearms, expanding “gun-free zone” regulations and imposing limits on the sale of standard capacity magazines.
It is crucial that you tell your county Commissioner at this public meeting or call and e-mail him/her TODAY to OPPOSE this resolution. Tell him/her to stand up for your Second Amendment and self-defense rights. Don’t forget to forward this alert to your family, friends, fellow gun owners, sportsmen and Second Amendment supporters in Washtenaw County and urge them to do the same. To find your county Commissioner in your district, click here.

Commissioner – District 1
Kent Martinez-Kratz
(734) 646-8946
Commissioner – District 2
Dan Smith
(734) 449-2985
Commissioner – District 3
Alicia Ping
(734) 548-5160
Commissioner – District 4
Felicia Brabec
(734) 548-3179
Commissioner – District 5
Rolland Sizemore Jr.
(734) 891-3526
Commissioner – District 6
Ronnie Peter Steve Charles Andersonon
(734) 635-0791
Commissioner – District 7
Andy LaBarre
(734) 945-1298
Commissioner – District 8
Yousef Rabhi
(734) 548-5159
Commissioner – District 9
Conan Smith
(734) 662-0268


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